As a community-oriented business, we want to work not just with other Maine companies, but with Mainers themselves. We’re not just here to sell product, but to share knowledge with those who share our passion. Come in and talk with us, we’d love to hear about your project! We’ll happily suggest what we think would work best for your price range, skill level, or plant interests. If you have something you want, and we don’t have it, we can likely get it, so give us a call or visit us!


Our products are selected because we use them ourselves. From nutrients and substrates to grow lights, we’ve tried it. If we’re suggesting it, it’s because they’re in our homes and greenhouses. You’ll recognize many brand names trusted not just by us, but by many professionals in the business.


Our services are top notch, with years of experience in each of our belts. President Maggie Terry has over 14 years handling other product labeling and is excited to expand into cannabis labeling. The “Bearded Buds” Chase and Brett have years of experience in landscaping and construction.