If you’re a cannabis business, you know how important labels, packaging, and regulations are to keeping a stable company. Legal Leaf provides several services to help take that pressure off of you, and let you do what you do best, make great products.

If you already have a label design, we are happy to set up and print it for you! We have several stocks of paper, and competitive prices to big label and sticker companies. Most orders take seven business days, but if you are in a hurry, we do offer rush printing! We can print any size label up to 7” wide or tall, in any shape as we use custom die-cutting technology to allow for maximum flexibility.

Our label review service will check over your current label, and let you know where you do and don’t meet Maine state requirements. If your label doesn’t meet state regulations, we can redesign your label to make sure it does.

If you’re just starting out, we’re happy to provide you with the beginning of your brand, including a logo to go with your line of products.

For those that need a new label or want to redesign an old one, our team will help walk you through what your ideal designs are, based around your branding, and to both your needs and Maine state regulations.

Regulations don’t end at labeling; Maine has implemented many new laws involving packaging and its requirements. Let us set you up with the best packaging for your product. Whether you need small orders or large, custom or plain, we’ll find you what your company needs to put its best look forward.