Zoning for Caregivers


Oher items on the Windham Council radar is the zones the caregiver retailers are located in. Apparently one has opened right next to school bus stop in a C3 zone. Local neighbors are up in arms as they do not want a “drug” store where their children board the bus. Additionally the caregiver had big banners with their logo and the cannabis leaf all over it, which made this situation untenable to the locals who live there. As such, they spoke both at our Cannabis committee meeting and at the Council meeting last night of how upset there were about this situation.

From the “vibe” I got from this meeting we can expect to be addressing not only zoning but signage as well.

The Council fears that Windham will become the weed capital of Maine. And they do NOT want to see “marijuana” leaves on the signs popping up around town.

Please past the word to get involved, we need all the support voiced to our town we can get.